William H. Bonney, "Billy the Kid" (a.k.a. Henry Antrim), a 19th-century American gunman, participated in the Lincoln County War and became an outlaw in the American Old West

(above) Bullet hold from when Billy the Kid shot at Deputy J. W. Bell during the escape


Murphy-Dolan store was the Courthouse during the War, and the location of Billy's famous escape and the killing of two deputies. The corner shown is where he shot his nemisis Deputy Bob Olinger.

Now the home of the Lincoln county Historical Society

This house, also a store, housed some Regulators during the Lincoln County War Five Days Battle. 

Tunstall Store as it looks today, basically the same as John  Tunstall built it in 1877. Now owned by the Monument the store has turn of the century merchandise exhibited.

photo, ca. 1920's-30's of the Torreon, built by the original hispanic settlers of Lincoln as protection against Apaches.  It has now been restored to full size. 

Restored residence in Lincoln

Juan Patron home.  He was the leader of the Hispanic faction in Lincoln during the War.  He was an outstanding young man, educated by Bishop Laney, and was Speaker of the NM Territorial Legislature during he War.  This photo appears in many books and postcards.

Restored residence in Lincoln

Remains of the saloon and and stage stop in Lincoln



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